What I'm packing in my hospital bag for my 3rd baby!

Want to know what I will be packing in my hospital bag for my 3rd little babe due in August?
I have created the perfect list that covers labour, post-partum recovery and of course the essentials for your new little bundle of joy whilst in the hospital. This list can easily be printed and you can work through it to ensure you have packed everything you will need! Having the hospital bag ready makes it all the more real that this little bub is going to be here so soon!!

Helpful Links For A First Time Mama

  • The Raising Children Network is an Australian parenting website, being a new mum can be overwhelming. This site has tips on those first days of parenthood all the way to the teenage years. Click Here to be taken directly to the new mother section of the page.
  • Your little one has a bit of a temperature and you don't know what to do? You are feeling some post-partum blues? Need to chase up your new bubs medicare card? This link is your go to for every phone number that you will need as a new parent, from help lines, access to midwives via phone, and government agencies. It is all here!
  • The first few weeks of your newborns life go so quickly, enjoy all of those newborn snuggles and let your body heal. Take yourself out of the kitchen and focus on you and your new bub. Ordering meals that can be delivered straight to your door are perfect! I personally love Youfoodz, they have a great range of nutritional options.
  • Looking after a newborn is a steep learning curve, and even parents who find the transition relatively straightforward can experience feelings of stress, exhaustion and overwhelmed. Adjusting to the changes in your normal routine and sleepless nights as you learn to look after your baby are difficult both emotionally and physically. Many parents also experience mixed emotions as your sense of identity changes and feelings of loss at losing your old life. Losing things like career, exercise, free time and spontaneity. However, if you’re experiencing a low mood, overwhelming, or distressing thoughts and feelings that affect your wellbeing and ability to function in daily life, you may be experiencing perinatal anxiety or depression. Talking to others about what you’re experiencing, reaching out for help or seeking treatment or advice from a health professional can help you adjust to the changes of parenthood and really enjoy life with your new baby. Panda is a great resource for all mums and dads.
  • The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is a toolbox of strategies, skills, and knowledge. It helps you create a positive learning environment for your family. Triple P is the world’s most widely researched parenting program with hundreds of clinical trials and real-world studies behind it. And now there’s Triple P Online for Baby, to help you prepare for and adjust to parenting a newborn or infant! This is a free government initiative to assist parents with emotional wellbeing for not only your child but yourself.

Hope you find this information helpful!

Much Love,

Vanessa x

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